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Jose Sueiro

Jose Sueiro

born in New York City of immigrant parents and settled here to study at George

Washington & American Universities. I am a Ward 1 resident and tenant at 1841 Columbia Road

since 1973. I was originally an ANC Commissioner in 1988 and later worked in the Office of

Mayor Anthony Williams. I’ve been a teacher, community activist, culture advocate, journalist,

businessman, and Mayoral appointee. I consult on issues of affordable housing and economic

development. My background includes:

Public Service

• Director, Latin American Youth Center,

• D.C. Recreation Dept. Roving Leader – delinquency and gang prevention,

• Teacher, Oyster Bilingual Elementary School; Soccer coach, Wilson & Bell H.S.,

• ANC Commissioner 1988-90.

• President; 1841 Columbia Road Tenant Assoc.,

• Member; AARP/DC Executive Committee,

• Neighborhood Services, Office of the Mayor, 2000-06.


• Publisher; El Latino Newspaper, Spanish language community newspaper 1976-89,

• Publisher; La Nación Newspaper, Spanish language weekly newspaper, 1990-99,

• Editor; “Noticias del Mundo”; Washington Times Spanish language daily, 2000,

• Panelist, Reporters Roundtable, Channel 16


• Creator; “Escuela de Rumba” school of music,

• Co-Founder; GALA Hispanic Theatre

• Radio Host; ‘Duende & Caché’ Latin music show

• President; Hispanic Festival of Washington D.C.

Small Business & Affordable Housing

• Consultant; Development Corporation of Columbia Heights,

• Partner; LCHIP Development Group, LLC - affordable housing in D.C.,

• Director; Coalition of Park Road Businesses, Inc.

• Director; D.C. Hispanic Contractors Association, Inc.

Vote Jose Sueiro for ANC1C03 on November

Website URL:


Whoever loves Flamenco, loves Jorge Pardo. Those who have a passion for music must love Jorge Pardo because he chants through his flute, is able to let his saxophone complain, enjoys the rhythm and passes his magic on to his instruments.

Jorge Pardo, saxophone and flute player, is one of the most outstanding and consistent revelations of the flamenco jazz fusion. He, together with Paco de Lucía and Camarón de la Isla, helped forging a new musical language melding jazz and flamenco. His playing style has become a referential point.

            He shared ideas, music and experiences during 20 years, with the master of flamenco guitar, Paco de Lucia. During these years of tours,

records and coexistence, they created a new musical language known as Flamenco Jazz or Flamenco Fusion. This music had a strong flamenco nature and was composed also off classic works and world rhythms.

His discography extends beyond 20 recordings as leader. He also collaborated and exchanged experiences with other artists all over the world, such as Chick Corea, Paco de Lucía, Tete Montoliu, Marcus Miller, Pat Metheny, etc.

            His albumHuellas, released in 2013, earned him the award of Best European Jazz Musician by the French Jazz Academy, becoming an international reference for Jazz, Flamenco and traditional and improvised music. He recently won The National Award for Contemporary Music, conferred by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports from Spain in 2016.

After a successful 3-year tour, which took them around the world (Europe, India and South America) performing over 250 concerts, this atypical trio, coming from the most traditional flamenco scene, experiments by playing by ear different kinds of music like Jazz, South American Folklore, classical music or even songs of the Beatles and, of course, using their detailed knowledge of Flamenco.

            Huellasis the most personal and awarded project of Jorge Pardo. And now, three years later theHuellasproject travels to the U.S. Over these three years many musicians have been part of this project, and in this American tour, Jorge brings his music to the American stages, featuring an exclusive collaboration with the Juanito Pascual Trio.


            Virtuoso flamenco guitarist / composer / improviserJuanito Pascualhas been called “one of the hottest flamenco guitarists in recent years” byNational Public Radio, a major accolade which in this case is just the jumping off point for the Minneapolis native’s musical style. His sound is a truly organic blend of a mastery of traditional and contemporary flamenco with influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead to Miles Davis and J.S. Bach. Pascual’s international touring schedule has brought him to venues including the Tanglewood Jazz Festival, New York’s Lincoln Center, and Blue Note Jazz Club, The Panama Jazz Festival and Madrid’s renowned Casa Patas.

            The Juanito Pascual Trio featuring bassist Brad Barrett and percussionist/vocalist Jose Moreno, has been touring regularly throughout the U.S. and abroad, captivating audiences with their masterful musicianship, and truly infectious chemistry. Their albumJuanito Pascual New Flamenco Trio, recorded and mixed by multi-Grammy winning sound engineer Rob Griffin, was released in 2014 to critical acclaim and was included inNPRcritic Milo Miles’Top World Music Albums of 2014list.

Purchase tickets for this show at:



The Franklin Phenomenon

From very early on when Franklin Garcia's interest in politics caught everyone's attention here in Washington DC he was active in the politics of his native Dominican Republic. Soon thereafter he became involved with the local Latino community organizing Saturday morning leadership meetings at Vida Senior Center. He coordinated a policy group that crafted the "Latino Agenda" and 10 years ago presented it to Dan Tangerlini, City Administrator in the new Fenty administration. Franklin was right there in the midst of it. During that time, he founded the "DC Latino Caucus" and simultaneously worked with the Democratic State Committee as delegate and ultimately Communications Director. During his tenure Hispanic representation on the DC DSC has increased fourfold.

            Two years ago he ran for the office of 'Shadow Representative' for the District of Columbia garnering over 110,000 votes more than any other Hispanic candidate in DC's history. The volunteer position,  alter ego to Congresswoman-without-a-vote Eleanor Holmes Norton's one Congressional seat, has no vote, salary or until recently a functioning office. Garcia has revamped the volunteer office and together with the two 'shadow Senators', Paul Strauss and Michael Brown made the entire group a more focused and visible force. Statehood has taken on a number of new initiatives and Mr. Garcia has been instrumental in all of them. Recently he organized the protests in front of the Trump hotel and a week does not go by where he isn't supporting charities, promoting statehood or sharing his name to worthy causes. Garcia is steadfast and diligent. He can be found organizing rallies and protests. He attends a rich variety of civic meetings, charity functions and political events. Seems like he's everywhere.

            We repost here the iconic photo that accompanies this feature of 3 outstanding, iconic Latino leaders that was taken at a Lincoln Memorial rally by the Hispanic Democrats of Fairfax County. Later that same week we found Franklin at a luncheon for Congresswoman Norton and leading (another) Trump protest. It's hard to understate the impressive work that Franklin Garcia is doing every day in the District for Statehood and his constituents.

            He will win his 'Shadow Representative' race this election cycle, but we hope that sometime soon the venerable Holmes Norton will decide to retire and new, fresh energy can be brought to the position of Non-voting Delegate. Franklin deserves the Delegate seat and many of us who know him are sure he will ultimately prevail where Ms. Norton has not. We need someone like Mr. Garcia whose perseverance and persistence in the face of impossible odds is legendary. His immigrant status has taught him never to give up and fight when all seems lost. Franklin has nurtured and grown a devoted following and we expect him to fulfill his mission as a public servant in the District of Columbia.

Interview with the Prodigious Director of "Festival Argentino" in the Nation's Capital

Perhaps the most ambitious feature we've ever posted here at Metrodiversity, we've taken excerpts of information about Daniel Manzoni, Director of Washington's 'Festival Argentino' and interspersed them with a recent interview of the community leader. Manzoni's achievement with the Argentine Festival, keeping it alive, growing and improving it for close to 30 years is quite a feat. Here we skip back and forth in time to provide our readership with the sense and flavor of this remarkable local cultural organizer. 

"He is sitting in his cramped home office in Alexandria a few days before the festival surrounded by his books of sociology, self-help and epic poetry; a volume of Eva Peron photos; snapshots of his late parents back in Mar del Plata, and of himself as a tall, long-haired soccer star. While he waits, he unpacks the golden trophies he will award the tango artists and those who win a tournament of truco, an Argentine card game. The trophies are wrapped in an Argentine newspaper from his annual December prospecting trip in search of artists and supplies. He triple-checks his spreadsheet detailing where the dancers, crooners and musicians will stay, and who will pick them up from the airport and deliver them to the festival."

ZAFóN Guardian of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Perhaps with just a bit of hyperbole the Washington Post's Manuel Roig Franzia introduced an evening session with the exquisite novelist and story teller, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, at the elegant ballroom of the Former Residence of Spanish Ambassadors on 16th St., Wednesday, 9/28, by stating that with over 30 million books sold Zafón is, 'Spain's best-selling author since Cervantes'.

Whether or not that is the case, it is unquestionable that Carlos Ruiz Zafón is among the foremost Spanish novelists of our time. Presented by Spain Arts and Culture, with a prologue from the active and peripatetic Spanish Cultural Attaché Maria Molina, the event was unique and intriguing, much like Zafón's books. If you've never read the work of CRZ you are in for a treat -a thick, rich, mesmerizing treat. His novels are very much like the proverbial onion with layer upon layer of meaning, sub-plots and asides. I found myself reading and re-reading passages to bask in the encyclopedic mastery of storytelling contained on those pages.

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