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Jose Sueiro

Jose Sueiro

born in New York City of immigrant parents and settled here to study at George

Washington & American Universities. I am a Ward 1 resident and tenant at 1841 Columbia Road

since 1973. I was originally an ANC Commissioner in 1988 and later worked in the Office of

Mayor Anthony Williams. I’ve been a teacher, community activist, culture advocate, journalist,

businessman, and Mayoral appointee. I consult on issues of affordable housing and economic

development. My background includes:

Public Service

• Director, Latin American Youth Center,

• D.C. Recreation Dept. Roving Leader – delinquency and gang prevention,

• Teacher, Oyster Bilingual Elementary School; Soccer coach, Wilson & Bell H.S.,

• ANC Commissioner 1988-90.

• President; 1841 Columbia Road Tenant Assoc.,

• Member; AARP/DC Executive Committee,

• Neighborhood Services, Office of the Mayor, 2000-06.


• Publisher; El Latino Newspaper, Spanish language community newspaper 1976-89,

• Publisher; La Nación Newspaper, Spanish language weekly newspaper, 1990-99,

• Editor; “Noticias del Mundo”; Washington Times Spanish language daily, 2000,

• Panelist, Reporters Roundtable, Channel 16


• Creator; “Escuela de Rumba” school of music,

• Co-Founder; GALA Hispanic Theatre

• Radio Host; ‘Duende & Caché’ Latin music show

• President; Hispanic Festival of Washington D.C.

Small Business & Affordable Housing

• Consultant; Development Corporation of Columbia Heights,

• Partner; LCHIP Development Group, LLC - affordable housing in D.C.,

• Director; Coalition of Park Road Businesses, Inc.

• Director; D.C. Hispanic Contractors Association, Inc.

Vote Jose Sueiro for ANC1C03 on November

Website URL:

La Foto / A Selfie Affair

“It’s not the world in your hands...It is you in the hands of the world”  

GALA Hispanic Theatre is proud to present the world premiere of the dark comedy La Foto by Gustavo Ott. Directed by Abel López,, La Foto is performed in Spanish with English surtitles from February 1 through February 25,
    “We are delighted to stage our seventh play by Gustavo Ott,” comments Hugo Medrano, GALA Producing Artistic Director and co-founder. “Full of zany characters who seek to navigate contemporary life and all of its absurdities, Ott’s work reflects on our humanity even as we laugh.”
    La Foto is directed by Abel López, GALA’s Associate Producing Director, who has staged more than 60 productions at GALA, including four other plays by Gustavo Ott.
    In La Foto, two families are changed forever when a provocative selfie goes viral. Who bears responsibility for the consequences and who is the victim in what has become a common occurrence? With biting humor, issues of privacy, relationships, and body image are explored as Ott’s characters deal with mid-life crisis and try to find meaning and emotional connections between generations in an age of social media.  
    Featured in the cast are GALA company Luz Nicolás, who was nominated for a 2016 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress for Yerma, and Carlos Castillo, who was nominated for a 2000 Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor for El burlador de Sevilla. Other GALA company members appearing in the cast are Karen Morales, who was last seen in Crónica de una Muerte Anunciada, and José González, who was in Cervantes: El último Quijote..
    To purchase tickets, call 202-234-7174 or visit www.galatheatre.org.

The Bukele Rallies

            Nayib Bukele, the Mayor of San Salvador and candidate for President of El Salvador, was in town last week to organize his 'Nuevas Ideas' (New Ideas) movement of Salvadoran émigrés in the U.S. He attended a series of fundraising activities and addressed crowds in Maryland, Virginia and New York. Even though the Salvadoran election is over 15 months from now, Mr. Bukele has already made numerous campaign visits to our region.

At the Rosario School:

     Fifty aspiring entrepreneurs attended ten hours of instruction on how to set up a construction or commercial contracting company and how to become a construction sub-contractor in the District of Columbia. The pilot program was sponsored by Turner Construction as part of their famous Construction Management Certificate program with the assistance of the Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Assoc. (MDCHCA) and the Carlos Rosario International Charter School (CRICS).

     On 4 Tuesday evenings in September and October of 2017 aspiring business owners from the DC region's vibrant, dynamic Latino community poured into the venerable Carlos Rosario School to attend a series of lectures, power point presentations and Enoch Carolyn Ms. Jaimes 9 12question and answer sessions. Some of the construction industry's most prominent and experienced professionals from Turner and the MDCHCA shared information and materials on everything from how to win a commercial contract with a large General Contractor to how to overcome the prejudices of the industry toward women and minorities.

     Enoch Parada from Dynamic Contracting Inc. explained how to prepare a bid and Silvia Jaimes, a procurement officer with Turner, explained what she looked for when approving contracts. Carlos Perdomo, Chair of the MDCHCA and Vice President Otto Madrid, gave emotional and inspired presentations. Carlos reminisced about his career of over 25 years in the industry and what it took for him to become a successful business owner. Presenters from Turner went through detailed financial materials needed for a successful contractor to square the finances of his/her business and how to read financial statements and prepare budgets for bidding. At the final session presentations were made by Construction Bond owner Edin Zukanovic, Abe Borjas from Secaucus Insurance and Margarita Dilone, MDCHCA Board member and owner of Crystal Insurance.

Carlos 9 19 Turner1    "Watching so many eager and aggressive young entrepreneurs from our community was inspiring", commented Otto Madrid, owner of JPN Masonry and a leading Salvadoran professional in the construction industry. "The knowledge that so many of our folks want to learn to do things the right way and that they are eager to take on the challenges they face in the industry is refreshing and bodes well for the future". "I failed many times and had to pick myself up and start again", claimed Carlos Perdomo, owner of Keystone Plus Construction. "You bid on 10 projects and perhaps you're approved for 1 or 2 of them", explained Carlos to the audience. "You simply learn to work harder and keep honing your skills".

     The program could not have happened without the diligence and nurturing of Carolyn Ellison of Turner Construction. It was her original idea that sparked the effort. communityThe acquiescence of the company to invest in this type of training is what makes Turner a leader in the field. We are thankful that Turner Construction has seen the wisdom of creating this partnership with the Latino community.

     This remarkable training program, would never have happened if it weren't for the vision of Alberto Gomez, Board Chair, Sonia Gutierrez, Founder and Allison Kokkoros, President & CEO of CRICS. They took the risk of creating a totally new field of academic endeavor for the school and, under the extraordinary leadership of Raul Medrano, executing the pilot program to this point.

     Hispanics are an essential, dynamic element of the construction industry both as workers and business owners. The task of Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association continues to be the preparation of those workers and businesses in the region to achieve greater participation and more recognition within the industry. Hispanics deserve more opportunities and have the capacity to take on larger and more specialized projects. Turner, Carlos Rosario School and MDCHCA are making that vision and purpose a reality.

The Gastronomic Contextualization of Culture

- This rise in Spanish creativity has immigrated as well ... and America is starting to catch on.

José Andrés____

The simple meaning to this complex looking title is on display at the Former Residence of the Ambassadors of Spain (the mansion at 2801 16th St. NW) as part of a fascinating, month long exhibit titled: #EatSpainUp. Essentially what Spain Arts and Culture, the cultural arm of the Spanish Embassy, has done is present the plain, daily ingredients and elements of Spanish food in an exalted, artistic fashion complete with art exhibit, designer chats and culinary presentations at various Spanish restaurants around town.

At the opening of the exhibit on Thursday, September 21st, there was an introductory chat by the designer Manuel Estrada (see his work at; www.estradadesign.eu). His drawings and photographs of Spanish food staples in odd and imaginative combinations filled the space. A pomegranate with two rusty nails, an Ikea pencil imposed on a magnolia leaf as the cover to a book of poems by Antonio Machado, the sensual lips of a model covered with parsley, a bowl of saffron and a broken 'jarra' (pitcher) glued together as a symbol of tradition and the past pasted together for the future were part of the exhilarating and bewildering exhibit. The mansion at 2801 16th St. is covered with a series of images that jolt the imagination and make the observer think about the common elements of Spanish cooking combined in jarring and imaginative ways.

Also at the opening of the culinary exhibit were five leading Spanish restaurants that gave out samples from their menus. These 5 are also going to host events at their venues during the month of October (so keep a look out or go to www.spainculture.us for more details). The participating restaurants are; La Taberna del Alabardero, Jaleo, Boqueria, Mola & Pamplona. These last two, MOLA in Mt. Pleasant and Arlington's Pamplona are barely a year old.

The idea of juxtaposing food as both something you eat and something you admire as art & culture is not new, but the ingredients of this exhibition are quite attractive and signal a new level of promotion and marketing for Spain based on their culinary traditions and their most basic attributes -their food culture. Given that last year there were more tourists visiting Spain than ever before, more than their entire population of 46 million people, this is probably a savvy investment. Jose Andres, the outstanding brand for Spanish cuisine, is involved in this promotion and remarked for the program: "Now is the perfect time for Spain, with all of its rich culinary history, to be able to share some of its gastronomic soul, one bowl of gazpacho at a time. with America... from one melting pot to another:...

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