• ‘The Construction Alliance’ Celebrates
    Diversity & Small Business Development in DC

    ‘The Construction Alliance’ Celebrates

    ‘The Construction Alliance’ is a coalition of three organizations; an African American development non-profit (AEDC), a union program (CHOICE) that provides job opportunities and training and a Hispanic Trade Association (DCHCA). These three groups have united to preserve, strengthen, grow and promote established, District of Columbia based businesses in the construction and contracting industry.

    WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2014 we celebrate a networking event to honor Mr. Allen Lew, City Administrator, Stephen Courtien from the CHOICE program of the National Building Trades and the work of the Department of General Services under the leadership of Brian Hanlon. The event will be held in the conference room overlooking the White House at:

    Bank of America,
    730 15th St. N.W., Penthouse
    6:30-8:30 pm.

‘Butterfly Children’: Family Reunification

and Legal Representation for Child Migrants

Karen Vanegas
This situation has led Lori Kaplan, Director of the Latin American Youth Center to state, "I have to believe that our nation will care. I have to believe our leaders will do the right thing." The DMV Coalition of local immigrant support groups ask that people join them every Monday at St. John’s Church in Lafayette Square 1525 H St NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20005  6:30pm - 7:30pm, and together walk to the White House to demand discontinuance of deportations and legal representation for migrant children fleeing violence.

Our Reasons

for Supporting the Stadium Deal

Jose Sueiro
Maria Patricia Corrales and Jose Sueiro, President and Manager of D.C. Hispanic Contractor’s Association respectively, testified this week before the Economic Development Committee of DC City Council chaired by Councilwoman Muriel Bowser on the proposed Washington DC soccer stadium project. Ms. Corrales gave her testimony on Wednesday, July 23rd at the Reeves Center on 14th & U and Mr. Sueiro gave his testimony Thursday, July 24th at DCRA headquarters on 4th St. SW.
Maria Patricia Corrales
President, DC Hispanic Contractor’s Assoc.

Madame Chair and Members of the City Council, I’m here to say approve this plan and build this stadium now. I own Capital Construction; a District based CBE and I speak as President on behalf of the entire DC Hispanic Contractor’s Association (DCHCA) membership in support of this project.
We want to participate in building the stadium, the new building at 14th & U and the new municipal center in Anacostia.

The Columbia Heights Legacy

of Bob Moore

Jose Sueiro
New residents to the Columbia Heights (CH) neighborhood of Washington DC have no idea the conditions of the area after the 1969 riots through the crack epidemic of the late 80’s and downturns of the 90’s, but it was a far cry from the prosperous, bustling, relatively secure, upscale neighborhood it has become. To his eternal credit, the late Robert L. Moore, longtime leader of the Development Corporation of Columbia Heights (DCCH) who just passed away, was the chief architect and promoter of this transformation. We owe him credit for rebuilding Columbia Heights into the thriving, multi-cultural urban village it has become. He need not worry about his legacy. It is everywhere.

AG Election

Breathes Life into DC Politics

Jose Sueiro
Paul Zukerberg runs a modest law firm from the row house on Lanier Place above the dentist’s office in Adams Morgan. For over two decades he’s developed a practice that includes a great many cases defending community causes and the poor. He came to light as a politician when he ran in the April 2012 special election for At-Large City Council, entering the campaign late and financially strapped. So in order to make it a worthwhile run he decided to highlight a cause near and dear to his heart –the legalization of marijuana. The impish, slightly scruffy activist with the New Jersey twang was an entertaining candidate and always had something interesting to say.

The Crisis of Central American Children:

USA Turns Its Back on Humanitarian Traditions

Karen Vanegas
Advocates for Central American children are concerned that the US government is renouncing its national and international leadership and responsibilities when it comes to issues of refugee protection. District of Columbia and Maryland municipal leaders, community organizations, educators and consulate representatives have united around the cause of justice for the Central American children detained across the country for crossing the southern border unaccompanied. A local coalition has organized as the “United for Central American Children” and is advising citizens to urge Congress NOT to support President Obama’s petition to amend the, “William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act” because the law as it stands protects children from sex trafficking and violence.



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