In the past, from time to time we featured various writers here on Just recently we reproduced a blog post from Santiago Sueiro, a story about the death of a sports writer written in Spanish by Luis Sanchez Espinar from Miami and others.
     From now on we will regularly feature the writings of Jonetta Rose Barras and offerings we find interesting from the archives of If you do not know The Conversation, and enjoy fine writing, you should subscribe to them as well.. This is highly qualified, prolific articles from established experts among the many prestigious scientists, historians and all sorts of academics. We shall choose those that have delighted our hearts and inspired our souls. We hope you like the article about parallels between the current pandemic and one that happened in 1381. We also hope you'll enjoy the piece we've selected about food and how this quarentine has affected our eating habits!! 
     Jonetta Rose Barras is, to my mind, the finest political reporter in DC, writing about our town, our little village, on the scene today. I appreciate the fact that she has given us permission to reproduce her viewpoints here. She's a good friend and a diligent, dedicated writer full of spitfire and integrity and it's an honor to post her stories here.
    Appreciate the work DC Line is doing in the District. Young, eager, ambitious and courageous journalism, this is a relatively new platform. Happy to give them credit and reproduce their content both here and on Facebook & Twitter.
     Thank you my friends and followers. We intend to populate this page with more and varied stories,videos, tweets and music selections for those interested in: "Politics, life & culture in DC chronicling how Latino & immigrant communities grow & become integrated in an international urban center."<

A 'New' DC

'Our Mayor a national celebrity, Jack Evans era ends &AG Racine aspires to become a political powerhouse

           As the District of Columbia slowly begins the re-entry phase after the coronavirus quarantine and continuing protests over the murder of George Floyd, things look like they've changed quite a bit here in our town. For many of the new, younger residents this is the first serious civic engagement in which they participate. It brings with them a new generation of leadership and, hopefully, greater involvement in the affairs of the DC community, beyond mere symbolism.

June 10, 2020 by Jose Sueiro

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jonetta rose barras: Big ambitions, big spending of AG Karl Racine

Perhaps we should have recognized much earlier the large ambitions of Karl Racine. After all, he had been a White House counsel and was one of the first African Americans elected as managing partner of Venable LLP, a top firm...

June 10, 2020 by Jonetta Barras

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Uprisings after pandemics have happened before – just look at the English Peasant Revolt of 1381

In this 1470 illustration, the radical priest John Ball galvanizes the rebels. The British Library Susan Wade, Keene State College As a professor of medieval Europe...

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Our first feature

5 ways eating in a pandemic is improving your relationship with food – and why you should stick with them

In some households, children have been learning to cook and bake while parents are home during the pandemic. Catherine Delahaye via Getty Images Stephanie Meyers...

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jonetta rose barras: COVID-19 and the arts — past and future — in DC

With Mayor Muriel Bowser set to begin reopening DC after the city’s weekslong closure amid a public health emergency, there are legitimate concerns about the...

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How the Federal Reserve literally makes money

The Fed is ‘making’ a lot of money. Alex Wong/Getty Images William J. Luther, Florida Atlantic University The Federal Reserve has vowed to provide up to...

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How DC Mayor Bowser used graffiti to protect public space

  Rebekah Modrak, University of Michigan When President Donald Trump sent heavily armed federal law enforcement officers and unidentified officers in riot gear into Washington, D.C. during the height of protests recently, Mayor Muriel E. Bowser responded by painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” directly on the street leading to the White House. While...

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