3 ways to get your point across while wearing a mask – tips from an award-winning speech coach

Cheryl Chambers, Mississippi State University

You wear your mask, keep six feet between yourself and others and are committed to safety. But the measures that help minimize your risk of COVID-19 can also have an impact on your interactions with others.

October 16, 2020 by The Conversation

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The PARADIGM Shift, like everything else is simple tounderstand if you start with the root of the problem.OK let’s say that In the Macro and...

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The Medrano's Legacy

What GALA Theatre Means to our Community            GALA Theatre is a local treasure. For close to 50 years Hugo & Rebecca Medrano have fulfilled their...

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Michelle Obama's Profile in Courage

           In these trying times with so much upheaval, where negative and tragic news seem to continually bombard us on so many levels, it was...

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The Entrepreneur from Buenaventura

            Humberto Garces was sitting in a restaurant in Colombia with his father, Humberto Garces Angulo, a prominent union leader at the port of Buenaventura...

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Love avocados? Thank the toxodon

  Jeffrey Miller, Colorado State University  Leer en español. Given avocado’s popularity today, it’s hard to believe that we came close to not having them in our...

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COVID-19 Unmasks Inequality in Health Care, Economics and Criminal Justice Among Youths

This is the first in a two-part series about low- and moderate-income youth. Part two will focus on the efforts of youth serving organizations in...

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Parents with children forced to do school at home are drinking more

Susan Sonnenschein, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Elyse R. Grossman, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health The Research Brief is a short take about...

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Uprisings after pandemics have happened before – just look at the English…

In this 1470 illustration, the radical priest John Ball galvanizes the rebels. The British Library Susan Wade, Keene State College As a professor of medieval Europe, I’ve taught the bubonic plague, and how it contributed to the English Peasant Revolt of 1381. Now that America is experiencing widespread unrest in the...

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A 'New' DC

'Our Mayor a national celebrity, Jack Evans era ends &AG Racine aspires to become a political powerhouse            As the District of Columbia slowly begins the...

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