GALA Theatre Reaches New Heights with “On Your Feet”

May 17, 2022 by Jose Sueiro

In a feat of astonishing ambition and virtuosity, D.C.s GALA Hispanic Theatre, one of the nation’s top Spanish language cultural centers, has managed to produce a complex, difficult,  popular Broadway musical in Spanish, most appropriately about the life of diva and Cuban icon Gloria Estefan. “On Your Feet’ is a tour de force! GALA Theatre has used every possible resource within its reach to provide for a first rate, top of the line, exciting song and dance show with live musicians, exquisite voices and a dance ensemble made for Radio City Music Hall. All told, it is a production of extraordinary breadth and sophistication.

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Corporate Advisory Council Reception

out on the farm at The Perdomo Compound. Our third event at this splendid outdoor property on the Potomac. Make sure you reserve the date for a beautiful evening under the stars. The notice is in this email. More details at a later date. Open to all of our membership

May 9, 2022 0

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OSHA 30 in Spanish

"Si usted tiene trabajadores que necesitan tomar el entrenamiento OSHA 30 avisen de inmediato y vean el anuncio que sigue aqui."

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The Entrepreneur from Buenaventura

            Humberto Garces was sitting in a restaurant in Colombia with his father, Humberto Garces Angulo, a prominent union leader at the port of Buenaventura...

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