4 Outstanding Poets of Latin Music

Latin music is rich with great singers and composers. I'm partial to songs that combine personal or social poetry with complex rhythms and harmonies. In particular I admire and listen to four favorites who delight me over and over again, they are; Juan Luis Guerra, La Mari, Rosario and Ruben Blades.

August 25, 2019 by Jose Sueiro

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Three story lines pundits in the media repeat that I do not believe are true;1. There are too many Democratic candidates for President. In my view, on the contrary. I'm dazzled by the amount of talented, smart, charismatic candidates on...

August 12, 2019 by Jose Sueiro

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Empleate Ya/Get Hired Construction Job Fair, Oct. 19

The Construction industry is Booming in the Greater Washington DC region with cranes in the sky, footers in the ground and truckloads of materials navigating the bustling and busy streets.  However, despite the tremendous development, many construction-related companies have expressed concern about the challenge of finding qualified bi-lingual professionals to...

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Save The Date

Two Pioneering Dominicans in DC's Latino Community.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Caobas Foundation dinner and shared an evening with 2 of my favorite people. That evening Daniel Bueno received an award for his...

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Re-Build the Pool Already!

The East Potomac Park swimming pool is an outdoor, Olympic size pool used by families and lap swimmers since 1937. Located just across from the...

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