Three story lines pundits in the media repeat that I do not believe are true; 1. There are too many Democratic candidates for President. In my view, on the contrary. I'm dazzled by the amount of talented, smart, charismatic candidates on the Democratic side. They would make a fabulous governing team if the Democrats return to power. Let them have their season of glory and may the best woman/man win.2. The Democratic candidates are boring. Quite the contrary I believe...

August 12, 2019 by Jose Sueiro

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Empleate Ya/Get Hired Construction Job Fair, Oct. 19

The Construction industry is Booming in the Greater Washington DC region with cranes in the sky, footers in the ground and truckloads of materials navigating the bustling and busy streets.  However, despite the tremendous development, many construction-related companies have expressed...

August 7, 2019 by Jose Sueiro

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Two Pioneering Dominicans in DC's Latino Community.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Caobas Foundation dinner and shared an evening with 2 of my favorite people. That evening Daniel Bueno received an award for his lifetime of achievements and Franklin Garcia, DC's Shadow Representative and its most active crusader for DC Statehood, was present as...

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Save The Date

Stephen Courtien: New Head of Baltimore/DC Building Trades Friend to Hispanic Construction…

Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association (MDCHCA) is proud to recognize the new CEO of the Baltimore/DC Building Trades Unions (BDCBT), Stephen Courtien, a close friend, brother and partner to our...

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A Passion for Reading

I consider myself an avid reader. I keep a number of books open and usually read them late into the evening before bedtime. I have...

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