The Isle of Ons

Today I visit the Isle of Ons where they fish some of the richest, most savory seafood in the world along w/wonderful beaches and icy waters.

The Castle of Soutomaior

Yesterday I visited the Castle of Soutomaior. It gave its name to folks like Supreme court judge Sonia Sotomayor. In the 15th century Angel Suero

Dunas de Corrubedo

Yesterday visited the 'Dunas de Corrubedo' for the first time ever. The dunes are not of sand but rather grasses and pine forest. Stopped at a fishing port named Aguiño for lunch (some delicious 'pulpo a feira'). Although they didn't know it, the town was made famous by mystery writer Domingo Villar who writes Gallego mystery novels

My first evening in Galicia

My first evening in Galicia, ate at a little 'Chiringuito' on the beach. Couldn't resist the typical grilled sardines and Padron peppers (the real ones since I'm about 30 miles from Padron).

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