The rented Fiat 500 and flew from Oporto to Madrid

aving completed the Galician part of my trip I returned the rented Fiat 500 and flew from Oporto to Madrid. The small, diesel powered car reminded me of a story about my father when he first returned to Spain

having achieved some success as an immigrant to the US. It was the early days of rental cars in Spain. He rented the very same (at that time) Seat 500, crammed 5 family members into it and set off from Madrid to Barcelona. Used to his Ford Rambler back in NYC, halfway to Barcelona he burned the motor out and they ended up stranded by the road side.
However I had no such experience. The small, inexpensive Fiat took me to 13 beaches in 4 days, all over the 3 main estuaries of the 'Rias Baixas'.

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