Flamenco Men Part 2 of the Fuego Flamenco Series at GALA Theatre

          It has taken Edwin Aparicio 18 years to craft a world-class flamenco ensemble right here in the…
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The Flamenco Series at GALA Theatre Part 1

It has been 18 years now that GALA Theatre first presented its ‘Fuego Flamenco’ Festival and each year…
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Panel de la Historia de la Comunidad Hispana en DC

En Washington, DC recuerdan la historia del surgimiento de la comunidad latina Con motivo del Mes de la…
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“Una cucharadita de pimentón dulce y una pizca de clavo de especia molido” No permitieres que estas dos…

The amusing Zarzuela at GALA Theatre:

Troublesome Troublemaker             The new musical show at GALA Theatre is a curious potpourri of production and directing…
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Una mujer está sentada sola en una casa. Sabe que no hay nadie más en el mundo: todos…

GALA Theatre Reaches New Heights with “On Your Feet”

In a feat of astonishing ambition and virtuosity, D.C.s GALA Hispanic Theatre, one of the nation’s top Spanish…

Beer and spirits have more detrimental effects on the waistline and on cardiovascular disease risk than red or white wine

 Researchers are working to tease apart how various alcohol types contribute to weight gain and disease risk. pixhook/E+…
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