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Featured New Look, New Purpose is a portal that represents the work, ideas and thoughts of Jose Sueiro and those who share common interests and curiosities. Together with partner and collaborator, Omar Cornelio, we've been posting to this site now for over 10 years.

Today we begin a new journey. On a daily basis we'll highlight with postings concurrently on our other platforms (FB & Twitter). These brief features will express a point of view that includes local, national and international topics. We'll feature our well know theatre reviews, local politics, views on the #Resistance and free editorial content that reflect topics of interest to our readership. Our readership is defined on our Twitter feed as those who are interested in: "Politics, life & culture in DC, chronicling how Latino & immigrant communities grow & become integrated in an international urban center."
The new look is thanks to a redesign of our logo and the format that will allow our readers to follow day-by-day what we're thinking about and experiencing at that moment.
The new purpose will allow us to post original features that cover a much broader agenda and make sure our views and texts are safeguarded on our site and spread through our platforms. We'll also continue to cover the projects we focus on professionally such as; DC Latino community history, small business development in the construction and commercial contracting fields, the National Latino Press, the #Resistance and many more as they become pertinent and important to us.
We welcome you to (the new) and hope you'll spend many enjoyable moments with us in the future. If you'd like to join our subscriber list simply write us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will add you.

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