The beauty of where I live is wonderful to behold

Featured The beauty of where I live is wonderful to behold

rockcreck2rockcreck3The beauty of where I live is wonderful to behold. To think I'm in the heart of Washington DC less than two miles from the WH and I can escape to such a wonderful park along Rock Creek. Yes I know it's important to stay isolated, but with the proper precautions and living so close to the park I can wander through the trails and various branches and creeks without fear -and come right back home.
These past few days have been stunning to witness the trees budding but not yet with their leaves in full bloom and therefore clear views across from one side of the gully which is Rock Creek Park to the other side. My hikes -as the Mayor allows for in her order- are usually in the evening just before sunset and the contrasts -when it isn't cloudy- are sharp and clear. As the weather and temperature improve the walks become more pleasurable. Some of the architecture of the residences, legations and various international organizations which rim the parkland is fabulous to behold.
rockcreck4Today I spoke to the woman who helps me with my house cleaning and she and her family are going through terrible tribulations. Also spoke again to some of our construction contractors who are still working and all of them are terribly stressed and afraid. Everyone is trying to be super careful.
So when I walk through the trails watching spring break all around me, there's a lot to ponder.
Hopeful and praying that the predictions and prognostications are worse case scenarios and this will be brought under control sooner than is being suggested. We must hold on to positive thoughts in such times.

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