Michelle Obama's Profile in Courage

Featured Michelle Obama's Profile in Courage

           In these trying times with so much upheaval, where negative and tragic news seem to continually bombard us on so many levels, it was uplifting and inspiring to hear the remarks of ex-First Lady Michelle Obama on the dangers of depression in our lives; how difficult it is to maintain our hope and mental health as we look toward an uncertain and feral future. With her usual eloquence and elegance she described what she termed, 'low-grade' depression, and how it affects our lives. It felt very much like a bellwether in the storm; calm, soothing and wise.

           I've witnessed the effects of depression in my family my entire life and know how nefarious and harmful they are. How it takes an  overwhelming amount of will and discipline to overcome the life-negating, terror inducing episodes and what it does to your ability to become successful in your life. I was not only proud, but very grateful that Ms. Obama was willing to make public remarks regarding mental health and depression and take on this topic in a positive and public manner.

           It is not only the pandemic and the economic depression we're suffering but the horrors of an administration that cages our children, tear gases our mothers, gaslights the public and takes its orders from the dictator in Moscow.

           My family came here fleeing the Spanish Civil War, fleeing an authoritarian right wing dictatorship that ruled Spain for the next 36 years. I've spent my entire life in a country devoted to the ideals of democracy and freedom. To watch what is happening right now is to fear for the great American experiment. To imagine that the beacon of struggle for the betterment of humanity through the ideals of a government of the people, by the people and for the people is at an end.

           In as much as Michelle Obama has inspired us to directly face the implications of our current predicament and not lose faith or hope in the future, I thank her and appreciate the frankness, beauty and sincerity of her remarks. 

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