The Tango is a Woman’s Thing

After the successful live presentation of La Tía Julia y el Escribidor (Mario Vargas Llosa) in May 2021, the Gala Hispanic Theatre continues to proudly and enthusiastically proclaim "Live Performances are Back" with all and extra covid-19 precautions still in force, social distancing, masks required, and 25% capacity until the city lifts the limitation on June 11.  So, prepare for a memorable  evening with a fantastic presentation of Ella es Tango.

Do not skip on the fun of getting ready for the show, go to the hairdresser, put on your best suit/dress and your leather shoes.  It will all be worth the joy of being at the Gala and attending the show.  For it is a Tango show -  beautiful ‘mujeres’ with glorious voices, passionate dancers, and handsome ‘hombres’ with strong and adoring arms... The orchestra is fabulous and the set decor brings Buenos Aires nights to Washington DC.

This musical revue highlights the accomplishments of female tango composers and singers in a traditionally male dominated field.  Names such as Tita Merello, Libertad Lamarque, Camila Quiroga and Azucena Maizani created songs and techniques that revolutionized the genre.  The show is conceived by Hugo Medrano, the artistic director and founder of the Gala, with text by Patricia Suarez.  The music is provided with contributions from  the legendary Pan American Symphony Orchestra, with arrangements by Sergio Busjle; Ariel Pirotti is conductor.  Each and every dancer is a delight to follow, thanks to choreographers Rosalia and Alejandro Barrientos.  Last and absolutely not least are the main singers Mariana Quinteros and Patricia Torres.  With their passionate yet strong voices, they tell stories of Buenos Aires through short sketches of famous Tango shows from Gardel to Pizzola among others.  They remind us that Tango is not only a complicated dance.  It is also the music and very importantly the lyrics and the story they tell.  For those who do not speak Spanish, translation is provided. We recommend that you focus on the show, the passionate voices, music, and dances tell the story and not a moment is to be missed.  Graciously, the singers sing one song in English, Volver, a beloved tune to Tango fans.  While this may raise eyebrows for tango aficionados and  Spanish language purists, as the performers explained, it is provided to benefit the English speakers and to make them feel more welcome. The sketch of ‘Yo Soy Maria de Buenos Aires’ is the grand finale.

If, like me, you are lucky enough to meet the performers after the show in the corridors of the theatre, listen to them again. Their enthusiasm is catching, their grace and their voices remain with you long after the show is over.  They prove that ‘El Tango es una cosa  de Mujeres y también de Hombres.....’


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