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The 78 and Lincoln Yards will move the needle on minority hiring

 We can’t let a festering anti-developer atmosphere hold back Chicago’s minority- and women-owned businesses—and thus hold back the very neighborhoods that protesters want to protect.

Written by JORGE PEREZ
Hispanic American Construction Industry Association

Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot has been critical of the way tax-increment financing money has been deployed throughout the city, and her concerns—plus the concerns of new City Council members and many Chicagoans—nearly kept two big projects from being approved. The 78 and Lincoln Yards have now gotten the green light to proceed, in part because they agreed to meet higher minority hiring standards than the city currently requires—30 percent minority-owned businesses and 10 percent women-owned businesses as opposed to 26 percent and 6 percent, respectively. Still, skepticism persists.

Testimony on behalf of Metro DC Hispanic Contractors regarding 5G Upgrade in Washington DC Provided by Board Member Pedro Alfonso

TESTIMONY before the Committee on Transportation and the Environment on The Implementation of 5G Small Cell Teachnology in the District”
Monday, November 19, 2018

by pedro alfonso | on Behalf of The Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association

Chairperson Cheh and members of the Committee on Transportation and the Environment I would like to thank you for organizing this important hearing on small cell development in the District of Columbia. My name is Pedro Alfonso, President and CEO of Dynamic Concepts Inc and Board member of the Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association (HCA). I am here today to testify on behalf of the Hispanic Contractor Association, a multi-cultural member organization comprised of mostly small businesses that are either in or supporting the construction industry in DC and around the region.

39 National Hispanic Organizations Send Message to DHS Dir. Nielsen

This morning, Voto Latino joined thirty-nine national organizations in protest of the Department of Homeland Security’s deliberate, relentless, and systemic attack on the community we represent. In a letter directed to Secretary Kirstjen M. Nielsen, Voto Latino and the country’s leading Latino organizations and allies enumerate the abuses carried out by DHS, and demand an immediate explanation as to how the department will remedy these clear violations of civil rights and basic American values.

The letter to Secretary Nielsen is in the voto latino website

NAHP Hires Jose Sueiro as Executive Director

The National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) has entered into an agreement with Jose Sueiro to serve as the organization's Executive Director headquartered at the National Press Building in Washington DC.

            The non-profit NAHP. Inc is under the new leadership of President Fanny Miller from El Latino in San Diego. "Mr. Sueiro's hiring is part of a complete upgrade of the organization. We are a new team with greater energy and focus. This year promises to be a banner year for our association. Our Convention in Las Vegas, the Hispanic News Service and a new readership study will highlight the progress we are making."

            NAHP Media LLC has been re-established as a media corporation dedicated to generating advertisement for the members of the association. David Cortinas, Publisher of La Voz Hispanic Newspaper, is the new Chair of the Board of the NAHP Media LLC. and Vice President of Corporate Sales for the NAHP Inc.

            Jose Sueiro is a well-known, veteran publisher in the Washington DC area as well as a non-profit management and public relations specialist. As Publisher of El Latino Newspaper in Washington DC he was one of the founding members of the NAHP and has held various positions at the organization in the past. Presently he is the Managing Director of Metro DC Hispanic Contractors Association. He publishes a blog titled Metrodiversity.com.

            President Fanny Miller and Chairman of the NAHP Media Mr. Cortinas have energized the organization and promise to 'bring it into the 21st century' with ambitious plans for renovation and renewal. The emphasis will be to grow membership, create new partnerships, generate greater advertising revenues and increase the professionalization within the industry. Membership in the organization has increased to its highest numbers in a decade. The organization will celebrate its 38th Annual Convention at the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas from October 24-27, 2018 (nahp.org for more details).

            "The new NAHP has a solid, stable team of accomplished media professionals running the organization" Sueiro claims. "With a growing membership base, new, young publishers coming into their own and active, aggressive digitalization campaigns across the country, NAHP is primed to make a strong, vital impact on the national scene and among millions of its readers". The NAHP has just begun a Hispanic News Service and plans are in the making for a combined NAHP/NNPA (National Newspaper Publishers Assoc.) activity for 2019. David Cortinas said; “I’m excited in having Jose Sueiro as the new Executive Director at the National Press Club he will bring knowledge and experience for the NAHP and bridge the NAHP with organizations in Washington D.C.”

            According to Kirk Whisler, who served as founding president of the NAHP 36 years ago, membership in the NAHP is at a ten year high because of growth of local Hispanic publications across the USA, and because of the rapid expansion of Latinos on the digital side of media.

            Information about the NAHP can be found on our website, NAHP.org, by telephone at our headquarters, 202-662-7250, with Jose Sueiro 202-203-0120, on our NAHP FB page or at Twitter @nahpinc.

National Association of Hispanic Publications, 529 14th St. NW, suite 923, Washington DC 20045

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