Notes on the #Resistance

It's frustrating to read to this day from otherwise credible pundits and commentators about how this person in the White House 'won' the election of 2016. He is an illegitimate President. The election of 2016 was stolen. I don't mean with propaganda or Russian media manipulation, but by changing votes, real votes. There is a reputable professor at a University in Michigan who explained with precision and detail how this was done -proved it was done. Derided as an outlier and conspiracy theorist at first, his research is now well accepted. In counties across Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin (and perhaps Ohio) votes, real votes, were changed and non-existent votes added to the counts. Michigan and Wisconsin at the time were led by Republican governors, men who surely know how it was done and helped make these changes happen. Someday we may learn how they did it.

Trump is a grifter, con man and criminal. He was all this way before he stole the Presidency. It has never been a secret. In Argentina there is a well documented story -in newspapers and magazines at the time (early 90's)- of how he stole a development project in Manhattan from the father of the current president, Mauricio Macri, with the help of the Mafia. He has worked with and been a friend of the Russian mob for decades. He is owned by them. One of the reasons he lost New York City 92-8, they know him well.
Trump is a fascist. He is a racist and, in the famous words of his first Secretary of State... he is a moron. When I was quite young I lived in Spain under Franco, I learned what a fascist state was like. We're becoming a fascist state. His bonafides as a racist have also been well known for decades. It cannot comes as a surprise that he is a white supremacist. He has always been one. The richest 1 percent, the rich in general and Republicans in particular will continue to protect him. They are all accomplices and corrupt partners in the endeavor. As long as they can rape the country for their own greed, they will continue to protect him. Nevertheless, if the economy tanks they will abandon him like rats off a sinking ship.
All of this garbage as to how he can win in 2020 is just that -junk commentary that someone is paid to spread. The question is not if he will lose, but what he will do to cling to power despite that. Trump will try and steal the election (or nullify it) again, that's what he does, it's all he knows -stealing and lying. Our problem is that men of principle, honor and decency who believe in democracy, equality and universal suffrage have to fight him with one arm tied to our backs. We cannot sink to his depths because it is not who we are, so we are tied up in a conundrum of how to dismiss this evil excrement without desecrating the very democracy we love.
This is why it is fundamental to resist. Only by resisting this ugliness will we survive as a democracy. No one is coming to save us, we must join in, march, write, vote and speak out.


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