The PARADIGM Shift, like everything else is simple to
understand if you start with the root of the problem.
OK let’s say that In the Macro and the Micro We lost our way and are
embarked on an internal journey from the mindset of LOVE to the mindset
of FEAR ... What does this mean in human behavior? It means we are
going... From the Mindset of CONTROL back to the Mindset of allowing
the heart to TRUST!!!
Now, let’s elaborate on Fear which as we know is the consequence of
the root of the problem, duality, the black snake mindset. Fear is the
virus of the mind planted to separate us from Love and destroys the
Trust we inherently were born with, getting us further into Separation
activating Control as the seemingly only optional response to survive.
Trust is broken by Control, Control is designed to plant the seed of Fear,
leaving the individual with the disease of the heart, in other words a
broken heart and no compassion for himself/herself or others. This
serves the purpose of the model of patriarchy. It is easy to control people
who lost compassion for themselves because they were not given the
gift of compassion from their elders. According to Dr. Alice Miller, Hitler
could have not done what he did if he didn’t have a whole generation of
German boys raised in patriarchy supporting him...Herman Hesse the
German master in literature talks a lot about that.
I always say that compassion is the glue to oneness and if you don’t
have it for yourself you will not have it for others. Same as Trust. It
starts with Trust. It starts with YOU.
This is why restoring trust activates compassion inside out and is the
number one most effective and impactful thing to do now for each
one of us if we want to change the world .
When people realize that change comes from within and ask me what is
the little grain of sand they can plant inside of themselves that will
contribute to changing the world outside in an effective way, I always
Restore Trust ! First in your SELF and then in Humanity ...so much so
that every particle of your cellular body becomes capable of modeling
its Powerful Meaning to guide each other in the path of remembering
our way back to LOVE AND ONENESS... from fear and separation.
The thing is, it is not possible to reach
our full potential in separation, it’s
divine nature soars only in Oneness.

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