A Trip to the Spain of my Dreams

            This summer I'm making a trip to Spain with a few select friends. I'm calling it my…
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Just a couple of weeks ago, on Sunday, December 9th, I was able to attend a jazz concert…
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           Paso Nuevo, GALA’s Youth Program, is proud to present Intimate Revelations/Revelaciones Íntimas, an evening of original works…
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Iré - A Cuban Smorgasbord

There is an exuberance of talent in the cabaret; "We Have Iré", showcased this past weekend at GALA…
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The Legacy of Casa Patas at GALA Theater Flamenco at its Finest

It has been 15 years now since the experiment of presenting, on a yearly basis, the finest flamenco…
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'Pepe' El Polifacético Lujan, Hijo de Nuestra Comunidad

Pocas son las personas que se identifican en la imaginación popular por un solo nombre como por ejemplo,…
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Festival Fuego Flamenco en Teatro GALA

6 de noviembre de 2019 (Washington, DC).– El Teatro GALA prosigue su poderosa temporada 20192020 con la décimo…
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